Insecta Alienlegs is clumsy girl. She was bullied at Mary Scary High. She was transfered to Monster High and everyone laughed at her on the first day of school for her. They laughed at her twicthing atennae. They all said sorry to her after that. She has two bff's so far. She loves rock music! Insecta is the Chess Club Leader.


Insecta wears her killer style. She wears a plaid Starlighted White and Galaxy Black shirt, Glaxy Black headband, Starlighted White skirt, and Starlighted White high heels. She has short, but cute, dirty blonde hair.



Insecta lives with her father, Mr. Alienlegs, in a little leafy plant-shaped house. Her mother, Mrs. Alienlegs, passed away from an illness.


Insecta has two bff's so far. Their names are Tooty de Nile and Jade Phantasm. They are bff's forever!


Insecta is currently going out with her first and new boyfriend. His name is Devin Dover.

  • PET:

Insecta owns a cute skunk named Bandit. Good thing he is domesticated, that means he doesn't spray.


The Insect Aliens are aliens that look like giant mutated-looking insects. They are a type of alien that many people say are alive. Is this true? Some say it is, some say it is not. Are these aliens alive in space? They are a mystery in history.