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"Sarcasm's only fun when you know how to use it." One of Impert's most-loved catchphrases.

Impert Puck is the son of the Imp. He was created by Thenaturals


Impert is fun, wild, but a bit sarcastic. He tends to get irritated at lots of things, but not by the fact that he's shorter than everyone else in his class. He is a bit blunt, as he likes to say things as it is, and can sometimes come across as a critic to life, but really, he's kind. He can also be irritated when his 'girlfriend' Clarissa Del Rue runs into the room giving Impert a piggyback 'like a jackalope'.

Origin of Species

Impert is son of the Imp, and the fact that Imps are small makes Impert a short character. Sometimes in American comedy movies, short people can be short-tempered, and a bit of inspiration from that was made into Impert.

Please note that none of this is intended to offend anyone.



His family live in the forest. Impert is an only child, and the second of my OCs to be an only child, the first being Breanna Beetlejuice.


Impert is good friends with a lot of people, and sometimes hangs around with the close circle of ghoulfriends that features his girlfriend Clarissa Del Rue, Nessalyn Van Loch, Lina Greene, Angela L. Goulding and Breanna Beetlejuice.


Impert has a pet parrot named Lola. The name was derrived from the word 'low' which literally means not very high, basically short. However, Lola is considerably large compared to Impert.


Impert is in a relationship with Clarissa Del Rue. Sometimes Clarissa can be very zany over him and over-affectionate, but it is noted that Impert does care about her a lot.


ALL bullies are considered enemies to Impert. No exceptions, ghouls.



Impert wears a purple cap, a blue striped shirt with puffy sleeves, a purple waistcoat, black trousers and high-top sneakers that are cream, purple, white and blue. His hair comes out at the side and is ruffled.

Scarily Ever After: Grumplestiltscare


  • Impert's doll would feature him in a new body sculpt at 6.5 inches tall, and of a smaller body. His hair would be rooted.

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