Ida is girl for adventure. She is a normal 16 year-old who just signed into Monster High. Some girls find her

annoying, so they don't ever talk to her or be her friend. Operetta is confused with this situation because she enjoys Ida. Sweetie Candy is also confused with this problem and enjoys Ida.

Ida is also the team leader for the Monster High Rockclimbing Derby. She isn't stingy about gold. Some of her catch phrases involve gold. Her favorite color is light-green clover.


Ida mostly wears her killer style. She wears a light-green buttoned shirt with short sleeves, black skirt , light-green boots, and she wears a little light-green hat.



Ida lives with her Leprechaun mother. Her dad passed away when Ida was 12 years-old.


Ida's only friend is Operetta. Girls think Ida is annoying, but Operetta knows that Ida is just a normal 16 year-old. They do everything mostly together. She is also now friends with Sweetie Candy.


Ida is currently going out with her new and first boyfriend. His name is Oper Song (he is Operetta's brother).

  • PET:

Ida owns a white Albino hedgehog named Prickly. He is as precious as gold as Ida says he is.


Leprechauns are mythical creatures who look to be friendly. The truth is that Leprechauns are disgusted

monster who are stingy about gold. They always hide gold at the the end of the rainbow. They also will capture people who take away gold.

It's as precious as gold! -

Ida McLeprechaunson's catch phrase.

My creations

Ida's oringinal outfit


Ida's DOTD (Dawn of the Dance)outfit.