Icy Iceparker

Icy is the daughter of an ice king(not written on bio) and queen. She can be mean at first but after you hang out with her for a while, she's nicer and a good friend. She has a diary.


Icy Iceparker's bio

Her Bio



She wears a orange sweat shirt with a orange skirt and an orange snow hat and orange snow boots. She has short hair made out of ice in a red pony tail.

Gloom Beach

She wears a orange with icy blue polka dots swimsuit with skirt and icy blue platform sandals. She has short icy wavy hair.

Dawn of the Dance

She wears an icy blue short dress with orange stockings and icy blue, open toe, platform heels. Her hair is medium length with bangs in the front and the hair is curly.

Maul Fashion

She wears a orange tee with a icy blue crystal on it, orange leg warmers, and icy blue sneakers with heels. Her ice hair is in a short bob.

Dead Tired

She wears an icy blue night shirt with orange pajama bottoms and orange and icy blue slippers. Her ice hair is short and in a short braid

Draculaura's sweet 1600

She wears a orange poofy dress with orange shoes made out of ice.She has a orange headband with long hair. Her present for Draculaura is a pink and black scarf.