Iaka is the daughter of the Egyptian God Horus and Hathor. She is a immortal goddess, however it is unknown of what she is the goddess "of". Iaka was ordered by the Sun God Ra, to diguise herself as a "mortal" to spy on Cleo De Nile to test and make clear that Cleo is ready to take on the next throne of Egypt. Iaka agrees to Ra's duty and now attends Monster High. She now spies on Cleo, to both associate and talk about Cleo's reign.


Iaka is calm and progressive. She is very neat and organize about her situations and roles. She is smart intelligent with tactical imprints of steps towards her goal. And they successfully worked. Back in the Egypt Times, she didn't played a huge role, however. Though she was still the same, even now and then; still a spirited-soul in heart. She is very knowledgable about everything, and very deep when ingaged with a conversation.

However, due to a person's defiance, she does take that as an offensive act. Due to this, she may unleash her true identity as one of the Goddess of Egypt, and perhaps.... punish the person's action? Though she can be adamant when it comes to arguments that'll never cool down.

As an associater, she is kind and imformative. She gives out good reasonings and knowledgable things to a certain topic she talks to her "clients". Due to this gift of informations and intelligence she carries, this can make her a great manipulator.

As a Goddess, Iaka is friendly and docile. Quickly without hesitation to obey rules and orders. She has no temples however, like her brothers.

Physical Description

Iaka's hair is black with a neat bob-haircut that descends diagonally upwards to the back. She as yellow-eyes with bistre-brown eye shadow. Her lips are chapped as a maroon-like color.

She wears a light-brown see-through puffy blouse. She wears a pair of any unknown-metal along with one around her waist. On her lower waist is a black black that includes the same metal that encloses the belt together. Iaka wears a stretchable-dress that displays different hues of brown, all the way down at the bottom. She wears lace-on high-heel sandals. She wears two pairs of the same colored braclet.



Her father is Egytian God Horus of the sky, her mother is Egyptian Goddess Hathor. She has four brothers[3] named Hapi, Imsety, Duamutaf, Qebehsenuef. As a Goddess, she's kind and docile to her duties. She obeys and follows the rules as always. However, it is still unknown about her current conditions as a Goddess.




Unknown. Some boys flirt with her. It used to be Manny Taur. When I mean that I mean that Manny flirted with Iaka.



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