The Hunter of Artemis is a hunt formed by the goddess Artemis.


After being hurled insult after insult by Hera, Artemis ran to her father, Zeus, with seven demands. One was to remain a virgin and never married, but another, the most commonly known one was asking for a hunt of nymphs, minor goddesses and demi-gods. And so the Hunter's of Artemis started.

This Hunt is common in many mythology book series, such as Percy Jackson (which is only a mere book series in a Monster High universe).


To join Artemis' hunt, one must be a female, relatively young, and must swear an oath to obey Artemis, and join the Hunt. Part of the oath is to ignore males, but in recent years, the severity of the oath declined.

Hunters have bows and arrows, which appear magically when they need them. They also have two hunting knives at their sides. The Hunters have a silvery aura, and are stronger and faster than the average person.

People who broke the oath and left the hunt

  • Callisto – Zeus seduced her, Artemis found out, turned her into a bear. Her son killed her and she's now in the stars as the "Great Bear"
  • [insert name of the girl that escaped Aphrodite, joined Artemis, angered Aphrodite and fell in love with a boar]


Add your OCs, with some description about them. Remember that they must followed the Rules for the Hunt.

Dawn Huntress

Dawn Hunteress is an OC by Kenzi Miller on, and the only child of Artemis (by Orion). She is the lieutenant of the Hunt, and leads the hunts.

Helena Bolt

Owned by The Dark Lord's Daughter on As a daughter of Zeus and Hera, Helena has an attitude and finds boys immature. She is stubborn and enjoys making people angry at her.

Nyla Ix

Owned by Maddy Hightopp (or ChesireCat02). Immortal daughter of Nyx [Greek Goddess of the Night], half-sister of Thanatos, Charon, Hypnos, and others. Usually seen amongst the trees during hunts with her crossbow in hand. She finds Helena Bolt to be a bit annoying in different situations.

Alexis Underworld.

Owned by iEatIdiots. Daughter of Hades and Persephone, a total tomboy, and is usually on lookout during hunts due to her ability to climb trees. On the odd occasions medic, because of her large knowledge of plants as a fertility goddess. However, she has quit, even though she has not broken the oath. It is stated explicitly in "Deer in the Headlights" that Artemis thought vegeterians were weak, and Alexis took this as an insult, handing over her bow, arrows, and knives, before running off and yelling, "FINALLY I'M FREE!"

Nikki Kensie.

Owned by awalk on Daughter of Nike, and made immortal via the hunt. She joined the hunt after a breakup with her ex-boyfriend Max Speed, who left for another country.

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