howlisha wolf

          daughter of the werewolf


killerstyle: with the help of my older sister clawdeen, i would call my fashion style fierce with a hint of swagg. as in that statement i have the the dog collar,fish nets,teal puffy skirt with the cheetah print long sleeve shirt. oh yeah!, thats what i call "were swagg"

FREAKY FLAW:im a were wolf so i have fur. let me tell you somthing plucking and shaving is one thing but the fact that is grows back every 30 minutes...........GOSH.

FAVORITE COLOR: purple and bubble gum pink-its so cute and its what all the dogs are wearing these days.

FAVORITE FOOD: curly fries and chese burgers.

BIGGEST PET PEEVE: when my bro clawd treats me as if i was howleen. im 2 months older than her.....duh!

FAVORITE ACTIVITY:going out with my ghouls and dating howlfred.

PET: I would have a pet but i cant take care of them without them dying!


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