Hotaru is daughter of an evil Chinese dragon. She is part South Korean and part Chinese and part Japanese and can speak Chinese, Japanese and Korean. She is also a famous martial artist and fights all over the world. The reason why she's going to Monster High is because her tutor retired due to her breaking her shoulder in an accident. She has a strong dislike for Wendy Vern because they're both martial artist and Wendy thinks she's better. She is also related to Danni Aragon.

Age: About 15 in dragon years that is.

Killer Style: I have a lot of silk on my outfits I actually hand craft my clothing and I use silkworm silk from the cacoon and I really love my fighting style I also buy some of my clothing so nobody thinks I'm weird and all.

Freaky Flaw: I become a fire hazard when sneeze and cough and have the hiccups.

Pet: Chiyo my baby swan.Did you know that Chiyo means eternal? I named her Chiyo because she lives eternally.

Favourite Activity: Practising the art of taekwondo and many others. In my spare time I really like doing archery,riding my motorbike and BMX bike.

Biggest Pet Peeve: Hmm I'll say this person...Wendy Vern it's because Wendy is down right rude!I hate mean ghouls too like Cleo they show of.

Favourite School Subject: Well, P.E.

Least Favourite School Subject: Well, none. They're all okay I guess.

Favourite Color: Red,black,white and blue.

Favourite Food: Salt and pepper calamari and sushi.

BFF's: Toralei Stripe,cousin Danni Aragon,Alex Blood,Luna Clipse,Jinafire Long and Spectra Vondergeist.


She lives with her twin brothers and mother and father she also has an older sister, Yin but she moved out when Kaiko was 12 Yin taught her all the martial arts in one month because she was getting bullied at the start of Middle School.She also has a another sister,Xin who is currently 13 in dragon years.Xin is also Kaiko's younger sister.

Mother:Mi-Hi Flame

Father:Jin Flame

Brothers:Jiro and Juro Flame (both 14 in dragon years)

Sister:Yin Flame (about 23 in dragon years)

Sister:Xin Flame (about 13 in dragon years)

Grandmother:Min Flame

Grandfather:Yukio Flame

Grandmother:Aiko Lee

Grandfather:Shin Lee


  • In Japanese Hotaro is a boy's name but meaning firefly or lightning bug.
  • Unlike Danni she has been living for a very long time.
  • She is half korean,japanese because her mum is a human and her father is a powerful chinese dragon so that is why she's not allowed to show her dragon form.
  • Her human name is Katelyn Flemming.
  • Her gender bender name is Kaito Flame.
  • Her parents are in the line Monster Parents (line).
  • Her theme song is Misery Buisiness by Paramore it's to express how she got bullied that and I'm is a huge fan of Paramore.Watch the video here!: