Helios is a happy-go-lucky girl with a free spirit, thanks to the fire that lives within her heart. Her friends call her Sunny or Sunshine because of her happy-go-lucky. She has a lot of self confidence. She doesn't live in fear of anything. Helios will live and let live because she believe that things will work out for the best. When bad things happen, she doesn't make it worse by acting in fear, she take things in stride and keep moving forward. The only time she really loses that trait is when something angers, frightens (like over the top), or one of her friends is in danger. She will do anything to save a friend, even if that means putting her own self in danger. She is playful and sometimes her pranks get out of hand. Since her blood is filled with heat and her heart has a flame inside of it, she finds herself blushing easily. She is extremely intelligent and loves to speak of her travels throughout the world. But when the talk turns to family, Helios can become shy and quiet about hers because her mother is no longer around and her father was a normie, which she feels isn't a cool thing.


Helios was born on Hawaii during the eruption of Kilauea on January 3, 1983. Her mother made a nest of myrrh and cinnamon before bursting into flames. Helios was taken from the nest by her father and delivered to her Aunt and Uncle Burns, where she has lived ever since. She and her cousin Heath don't really get along, and before her thirteenth birthday, he would tease her about being a normie. On her thirteenth birthday she was visited by her mother and told she was the Phoenix reborn. Ever since, her mother has been training her in the art of fire and she now has hotter flames then Heath or her aunt and uncle. She never knew her father and is ashamed he is a normie. She was really shy and has only just begun to flare up and make friends, because of Heath's teasing.

==Physical Description==

Helios has an athletic build, brown hair that sometimes shimmers with golds, oranges, reds, and yellows. When she's angry her hair will burst into flames (like Heath Burn's hair). She s skinny with tanned skin that has a swirling golden pattern going up her arms and a phoenix feather tattoo on her each of her shoulder blades. Once she gets her wings, the tattoos will disappear and be replaced by real flaming feathers.

In her Phoenix for, which she will only be able to access once she turns 1600, is a bird the size of an eagle with golden and fiery plumage with intelligent bright green eyes. She can communicate by telepathy when in this form.


Because only one Phoenix can be on earth at once, Helios never knew her mother outside of her dreams. Her mother can visit her in her dreams, she must if she is ever t learn how to control fire. Her dad is a normie who she never met since he left her with her Aunt and Uncle, who unfortunately were Heath's parents. Heath and Helios don't really get along and their flames are always clashing and trying to burn each other up.


Since Heath would tease her before she got her powers, Helios was originally a shy girl. But when she came to MH, her first interaction was with Lagoona Blue. They became best friends quickly and Helios trusted Lagoona. She leans on the ghoul when the heat becomes to much. Theu balance each other out and she helps contain her fire when I begin to flameor gets mad. She will even drag Helios to the pool and push her in before something goes up in smoke. Gil Webber, who is Lagoona's girlfriend, is also another of her trusted friends. She met him through Lagoona and they hung out when he and Lagoona were fighting. She was the one who helped him get her back and showed him that love is like a candle.. you can't let it burn out. Sometimes Lagona will invite Helios to come hang out with her other friends, even though Helios is very shy. Abbey Bomidable was the ghoul she was paired up with in Biteology once, and they quickly bonded. Abbey and Helios love to hang out at the Maul together and go skiing and snowboarding when they can. Helios also gets along well with C.A. Cupid because they both love helping people with relationship problems. Even though Cupid sometimes makes fun of Helios for referring all love situations to fire or something related to fire. Their relationship is like Cleo and Clawdeen's but they love each other more then hate.


Helios is really shy when it comes to her own love life, but she loves giving others advice. Having been raised with Heath and his teasing ways, she's been shy when it comes to guys. The only guy she really feels comfortable hanging out with is Gil, sometimes Deuce and Clawd, but she starts to studded and blush and make little flames pop up everywhere. She would rather study in the library than hang out with boys. But Lagoona and Cupid are trying to get her to see that not all boys are as mean as Heath. They set her up on a date with Jackson Jekyll and all the two talked about were books. Helios came to trust Jackson as one of her close friends, and might have a little crush on him.


Helios can't stand Heath Burns and hates him with a flaming passion. She dislikes how he was mean to her when she didn't have her powers. She also can't stand Torali, who is mean to her friends all the time. When she hates things, she hates them with a passion, but then she feels guilty because hating isn't something she feels she should do. She usually tries to avoid them, but sometimes she can't and the only thing that keeps her from burning is a gentle hand from her friends.