• Parent: Igor the Hunchback
  • Age: 14
  • Killer Style: My hunchback may look weird to others but my style involves making it look fierce.
  • Freaky Flaw: I over react and I'm very self conscious about my hunch because I think everyone's talking about it behind my hunched back.
  • Pet: Mr. HunchShell is my little turtle that has an odd shaped shell. He is my best friend and never judges me about my looks.
  • Favorite Activity: I love making my own clothes, mostly because they don't carry my size.
  • Biggest Pet Peeve: My big back, I don't like my hunchback especially when people make me feel bad about it. But Everyone's being really nice about it.
  • Fav School Subject: Biteology
  • Least Fav Subject: Mad Science, every time I'm in the class people always tell me to "Pull the switch!"
  • Favorite Color: A gentle green and brown.
  • Favorite Food: Pasta and meat cubes. I know their suppose to be balls but my dad made them wrong.
  • BFFs: Ghoulia Yelps and Teala Trolz before she got makeovered
  • BF: I just can't seem to get over this hunch about dating. I kinda like Manny Taur (son of the minotaur).


Helga is very kind and gentle. She is usually shy and keeps to herself most of the time.


Helga arrives at Monster High along with other new students Grimz Reaper, Brian Corcillum, BoogeyJ, Wicca Witch, and Gina Djinn. She befriends Ghoulia Yelps because of the advanced courses they both take. Ghoulia helps Helga branch out and even attract the eyes of Manny Taur. He sees past her hunch and she sees the good side to him. Manny helps Helga branch out and Helga helps Manny soften up. She is captured by The Masked Lantern along with many other students at Monster High. She is later released by Gina after she defeats The Masked Lantern.

She continues her relationship with Manny Taur into her Junior year. They hit a snag when Helga tries to steal a potion to change her appearance. He helps her realize that she is beautiful. They continue their realtionship and help to fight of Gillian's invasion.