• Hawttie Hyde is sister of Holt Hyde, and yes, she is a werecat. She is the alter ego of Jessica J.

She is super nice at times! She is bitter at times, also. She has A LOT of friends. She is funny and sweet too! Her brother doesn't care about her which makes Hawttie sad and upset. She is part werecat which she doesn't understand. Her father said it was a accident that she was born mutated to be part were-cat.


She is still finding secrets how the mutation started and happened.

  • Hawttie can be found with her hair up in

a spiky way, wearing a pink tank-top, wearing a black open-out leather jacket, earrings in her werecat ears, a pink sash with a golden belt on it over jean shorts, and pink sneaker high tops showing her pink toenails. FAMILY:

After she found out she was part werecat, she ran away. Sometimes when she is Jessica J., she finds herself in unusual places. So let us say this overall, Hawttie is an orphan.


Her friends are Operetta, Toralei, and the were-cat twins Meowlody and Purrsephone. On her first day Operetta was her BMFF. On the second day Toralei and the twins became her BMFF.


She has a crush on Manny Taur. But now her new replacement is her new boyfriend. Ladies and gentleman, his name is........... KRYIN EYE! He is a backrounder on Monster High episodes. He is a cyclops. Kyrin is Jessica j.'s crush.

  • PET:
Hawttie owns a dog. She doesn't remember the name of her dog which is weird for her. He is a solid- colored chesnut brown dog. Jessica owns that same dog. She named it Chesnut from his appearance.