Harmony Glam

Monster High Student

Age Whats that?
Monster Parent The drama queen
Killer Style Emo,Emo, and Emo! with a hint of punk rock. Nothing like mothers perfect!
Freaky Flaw Flaw? When did I become flawed?
Pet No pet.
Favorite Activity Listen to my dorm neighbor's, Toni Amore"s, emo blasted up high.
Biggest Pet Peeve No music, come on people! What did music ever do to you?
Fav School Subject Music Harmony. Isn,t it obvious? I'm also very tough in in phys.dead.
Least Fav Subject Mad science
Favorite Color Black
Favorite Food Candy, yum!
BFFs I'm sorta close with Toni Amor.
Harmony Glams diary


She acts the exact opposite of her mom. Very sweet and kind to others. Carefully listening and understanding aswell. She tends to go a little overboard when it comes to sports. It ends up with everybody screaming and running away, inculding the gym teacher. Other times she can be emotional due to her Emo nature.

Physical Appearance

Harmony has long black hair with bangs that have streaks of blue in them. She has mocha skin and dark brown eyes.

Monster type

Harmony's mother is the drama queen. This drama queen happens to have a close relation to Dr.Frankenstien createor of Frankenstien. Making Harmony some-what of an aunt to frankie stien.



Harmony's mother is The Drama Queen in which she has a very close relationship with. Her father is a japanese anime artist who doesn't have alot of time to spend with his family.


It is known that Harmony has only one friend at Monster University that is Toni Amor.


Harmony finds the idea of romance pointless but she is known to have a crush on Toni Amor.


She is known to strongly dislike Nefera De Nile for her popularity.


Harmony wears a dark blue sleeveless shirt under a mesh one. Along with a black skirt that has a chain hanging down it and black wegde knee high boots for her basic.

Monster of the Bride

She wears a black mini dress. With Torlei Stripes shoes.


  • Harmony's gender bender name is Hal glam
  • Her normie name is Veronica Bold
  • I forgot to put this at the top but feel free to add pics!
  • Harmony attends monster university not monster high
  • She is on the fearleading team at the university


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