Monster High, New Ghouls, New School: Happy Valentina Day

Valentina and Draculaura

Draculaura and Valentina

So today I really had a weird week, but fun! It all stared with two vampire girls named Draculaura and Valentina. They both had their birthday on Valentine's Day! Draculaura was having the time of her life!, When Valentina was sad and having no friends, so I'll just tell you the story... said Julia.

Me,Jewl and Gem were setting up balloons for Draculaura's 1601st Birthday! Toralei was thinking... How in the world will I get invites to the party??!! Can I have my invite? said Toralei. Nada said Gem. Don't even try, Toralei! said Julia. We all know what happened last year! Said Jewl. Meow, someone's in a bad mood! Said Toralei. Let's go said Julia. They all left. Toralei went to see who has the most power of love on her computer, it was a girl named Valentina. Wow, she's Valentine's little sister! said Toralei. She called Valentina.

Valentina: Hello

Toralei: Hi, this is Toralei

Valentina: Oh, What is a Toralei?

Toralei: A cat!

Valentina: ok

Toralei: Can you come to monster high???

Valentina: My mom was about to send me there cause my brother's school stinks!

Toralei: Ok, Bye

Valentina: Bye!

Valentina got at monster high two days from when Toralei called her. The party was today! At the party Toralei asked her to hipnotized Draculaura to fall out of love with Clawd and Go with someone else. Valentina was sooo shy, but when Toralei pushe her she made Deuce fall in love with Draculaura, Cleo fall in love with Slow-Moe and Ghoulia to fall in love with Clawd! Julia was scared so she said to Valentina "How do you turn them back!!!??? To break my glasses, so Julia did and everything went back to normal. Draculaura shared her party with Valentina, and everyone was happy. THE END!

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