Hannah is daughter of the aliens, and the prettiest girl at MH. She has a cat named SoSo.

Physical Description

Hannah's brown, luscious, brown hair is in two pigtails. She wears a white short-sleeved top, a blue skirt, leggings that look like Draculaura's, and boots.



Hannah le Fright's parents are the aliens. Her brother is Tanner le Fright and her sister is Andromeda le Fright (who belongs to nevaeh39).


Hannah has a lot of friends, and some of them are Draculauren Blood, Sabrina Skellington, Hedward Horseman, Centura Time, Drusila and Nessy, Angel, and Maddy Hatter.


Hannah has a crush on Hedward Horseman.


Hannah has one enemy: her own brother.

Monster Origins

Aliens are extraterrestrial beings from another galaxy, universe, planet, etc. In other words, they are from outer space. There probably aren't some two mouthed aliens that you know of, but there may be as different kinds of aliens as many types of animals on this planet! Also, don't try to say that aliens aren't real. Some bacteria found in outer space was found on early Earth!


Hannah is sweet and kind. She loves surfing, but to keep monsters from finding out a girl besides Lagoona likes surfing, she says she hates it. She may be sweet and kind, but if she sees something she doesn't like, she makes fun of the person who has it, such as "Who wears JEANS in the Summer!?"