September 12th:

In the morning Holt was taking so long in the bathroom,I got so angry I burnt the door down.I didnt know I could do that.Holt was really amazed. I started shouting at him and we had a major arguement. I even ate all Holts sherbet treats.

September 14th:

We had a new seating plan in Biteology. I got moved to sit next to Deuce`s younger brother Gabi Gorgon.He is so hot! I think he is more interested in girls like Araminta Heverana,but he was really sweet to me today.He is so funny,I was bursting with laughter at the end of the lesson.Which is weird cause Im never happy always moody(well not really its all Holts fault).Araminta gave me a cold stare.Well I gave her my burn stare and her eyes nearly popped out of her skin.Holt taught me that when I was small.It is a sort of death stare but its like your in a way torturing the other person.As I was in the queue Araminta spilt her milkshake all over me. I went so crazy, flames burst out of my skin(I hate having Holts and Heaths flame bursting out of their bodies gene).Then I pushed Araminta into the dustbin.Or so I thought.... I pushed her into Gabi.Araminta started acting all coy and she was flirting with him. I hate her.I went away out of the cafeteria with watery milkshake gunk all over me. I have no idea why I actually care about Araminta and Gabi.I have never loved someone before.

September 15th:

Araminta snaked on me. She told Headless Headmistress Bloodgood.I had my excuse planned out all ready.When the head asked me why I gave her a burn stare I told her that Holt forced me too or he would kill me.This obviously wasnt true but I made it seem dead convincing.Problem Solved.Holt got in major trouble and he was made to do a dention on Friday so he missed the gig that he was going to go to.Ha!Holt was so angry at me.

November 7th:

I finally told my friend So Yang (daughter of the Ying and Yang)I like Gabi.My other two friends Kay Snake and Tomia Reptile are not trustworthy.

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