Grinna Grinch's personality isn't the kind of personality you'd always want to be around. Sure, she can be such a Grinch. She usually is. That's what everyone sees her as on the outside. What people don't know is that in the inside, she's actually quite sensitive. If your lucky enough, you can be able to hang around her sensitive side.

Physical Description

If you ever catch Grinna Grinch outside, probably trolling the cities and towns alone, you'll most likely see her dressed in old murky brown rags, sewed together, with a hoodie attached, and black leather boots just to warm her feet. If you ever catch her inside her home, -which you would probably regret unless you were invited in- she would be mocking, wearing, and doing everything that her father is doing. From pose to pose. She would make a really good actress someday. She has green hair all over her body, head, face, EVERYWHERE. The back-of-her-head hair is very long, she takes really good care of it so it doesn't go into knots.

She has large yellow eyes with a puny black pupil right in the middle. She has black eyelashes that are very luscious and long. She also has red glossy lips and hands that look like it has claws at the end, but it's just really her hair.


Grinna Grinch gets along very well with her father and dog.


Grinna Grinch currently only lives with her dad and her dog, Max. Other family members are unknown.


Sadly, no one is Grinna Grinch's friend because no one ever really wants to -and doesn't- socialize with her.


Grinna Grinch currently isn't crushing or dating anybody, she never has, she probably never will. She doesn't really want to anyway.