PERSONALITY: Griff Ion is one of the only (out of 2) students that is a bird. Griff enjoys flying very much. He promised his parents that he would go to college after high school to become a pilot. Griff enjoys flying around his house (after all, he is part bird with a little bit of lion). The students at MH (Monster High) says he has a brave heart like a lion (REMEMBER! HE IS PART LION!). Griff isn't very selfish at all. He was once picked as Best Student of the Year. He is known as President of Student Council. Every year he is pick as Best Student of the Year. He is known as the smartest kid in the school (even smarter than Ghoulia)! He is known as Fire Pheonix's dream guy.

Griff's Bird Head

Griff's bird form head


Griff mostly wears pilot outfits (the one in our century, not in the old days). He doesn't wear the pilot hat though. He wears a white pilot shirt with dark red and brown trims on the shirt, he wears white paints with dark red and brown trim on the pants, and he wears black work boots. he has redish brownish skin and he has green eyes and he has blonde hair. He also has a bird form. Here is his bird form description:


1. Feathers are brown to red.

2. Has a large body and a large strong head.

3. Has hazel eyes

4. Has yellowish goldish talons one his front yellow bird feet and tanish brownish lion hind legs with a tail in the back.



Griff lives in the same house with his aunt, uncle, and two cousins. His parents work in the Military as Coast Guards, so they don't really get to see Griff. Griff was raised in a Hippogriff house (a Hippogriff is a relative of a griffion).


Griff's best friend is Oper Song. Rumor says that Oper Song and Griff have been friends since Pre-K.


Griff's girlfriend is Fire Pheonix.

  • PET:

Griff owns a all black Pekingese named Lucy. Griff was only 10 when he got Lucy as a puppy. They have grown a great bond together!


The Griffion is a mythical bird. The Griffion is half-bird and half-lion. Not much is known about it.