Gretta Luinsky is Phantomaria Poltergeist's normie cousin. Gretta lives with the Poltergeist family because her parents had "moved on" and left her behind. Gretta is nice and very shy, being around monsters when she is a normie. Gretta doesn't know it yet, but she'll find out that on her 15th birthday that she'll turn into a vampire. Her parents were vampires as well, but were out in the sunlight too long, turning them into ghosts. They wanted to stay with Gretta, but they knew that they only had one oppertunity for "moving on" and that one day they'd see Gretta again. At birth, Gretta's parents named her Fangretta, but soon after they turned into ghosts and moved on, so they to the Poltergeist family to name her Gretta. Gretta is 14 right now, so she'll be a vampire soon. Here is her bio.

Name: Gretta Luinsky, but I somehow remeber being called Fangretta by someone, not sure who though.

Age:14, I can't wait till I'm 15, my aunt told me something special will happen then.

Monster Parent: not sure, but I know my aunt, uncle, and cousin are poltergeists.

Killer Style: I like pink and black, I've always admired the gothic style, not sure why though.

Freaky Flaw: because I'm a human and I go to a school that's litterally full with monsters, I'm super shy at school.

Favorite Color: red-violet

Favorite Food: bubble gum

Pet: before they "moved on" my parents made sure I had this bat. I call her Violet, because when the moon shines on her, her fur looks almost purple.

Favorite Activity: hanging, or fanging, out in my room.

Pet Peeve: monsters that think that just because I'm human I can't go to a school called Monster High.

Favorite Subject: History of the Undead, I know so much, I wonder why.

Least Favorite Subject: anything that takes place in the sun, I burn so easily.

Apperance: Gretta(Fangretta) has pale human like skin. She wears dark pink lip stick and has pink curly hair with two black streaks near the front of her face. She is a little shorter than most monster high characters, kind of like Draculaura. She usually wears this silver tiara.