Grave Days is a webisode series


The webisode sign

Grave Days: First Season

Grave Days is a webisode series created by Draculauren. It consists of these episodes:

1. Frightful Night Fight

2. Frightful Night Fight part 2

3. Queens of Popularity

4. Victoria's Victory

5. Too Ghoul For School

6. Floppin' and Boppin'

7. Crown the Queen Singers

8. Fear to Lead

9. Terrifying Trophy

10. Squeals On Wheels

11. Murderous Bus

12. Monster Roster

13. Ghost Roast

14. Rot Dog

15. Gossip Ghoul

16. Blog 'till you Drop

17. Text Wars

18. Heaven on Earth

19. Fly High

20. Halos and Horns

21. C.A. Cupid's Mistake

22. Don't Squeal

23. Chasing Tails

24. Spell's Spell Ended

25. Boo Love

26. Break up the Breakup

27. Huge Announcement

28. Nothing to Scare

29. Preparation Day

30. Dance Night {One hour, features DOTD outfits and dolls}


Canon Characters so far in the series:

  • Cleo
  • Lagoona
  • Frankie
  • Abbey
  • Clawdeen
  • Draculaura
  • Heath

.Original Characters so far in the series:


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