===Grace was an ordinary girl with an all too ordinary life, that is until her father was invited to teach at Monster High As headmistress Bloodgood puts it, “to bright the gaps between the kinds”. Loving a monster lover, Calvin accepted the offer and packed up him, Grace and her little sister and began their new lives. She is one of four new human students at Monster High and is trying to adjust to all the monstrous changes. Because she is a human, and given human’s track record with monsters, Grace had some struggles with fitting in, being accepted and being treated the same as other monsters .===

=== ===

Personality- Unlike her father, Grace isn’t a major monster fan. In fact her first few interactions with the students and staff of MH weren’t very, as Frankie would call them, “voltage”, more like the opposite. Grace is rather shy, quite, open minded and tends to have a hard time being herself and letting things go. Even though she isn’t a fan of change, she is willing to try new things at least once and will give anyone a fair chance. But since meeting her new friends at Monster High she has become more confident in her abilities and isn’t afraid to be herself when she is around them.


Appearance- Grace has tan skinned, light brown eyes and long purple hair that goes to her hips.

Age- Sixteen

Monster Parent- None, my parents are human; or as we are often called “normies”. But dad totes wishes we had some monster blood in us!

Killer Style- I’m not as into fashion as some of my friends, but I am a big fan of denim.

Freaky Flaw- Hands down being human…wow never thought I would say that.

Pet- Ember; my pet dragon. She is very gentle and loyal. Truly a girl’s best friend! Now if I could get her to stop hogging my bed!

Favorite Activity- Photography, I love taking photos of my friends and family and capturing a moment. Plus I get to help Draculaura when she is working on a new story!

Biggest Pet Peeve- People being judgmental. It is so wrong to judge one biased on being a monster or human.

Fav School Subject- Dead languages, I have a flare for languages!

Least Fav School Subject- History, why must we always go back to the past and relive things we don’t want to remember?

Favorite Color- Army Green

Favorite Food- Anything with cheeses

BFFs- Draculaura and Abbey