This series is a book series I write about Cathrine Kyle(daughter of catwoman), Harleen Quinn(daughter of Harley Quinn), and Venus Mcflytrap(daughter of poison ivy). As well as Batarina Van Ghoul( a vampire who's a fan of batgirl.) This is a book series I write, I mix up the batman short series Gothom Girls with Monster High and I get this. This is what the first book will be about. Made by the creator of Phantomaria Poltergeist, Harleen Quinn, Cathrine Kyle, Abe Bominable, Scarold Crow, Boogina Fright, Goblina Fright, Roseforatue, Clawdia Howlson, Kim Reaper, Deathony Reaper, Jackie"O"Lantern, and coming soon Batarina Van Ghoul.

Gothom Ghouls 1#

Teen monsters Harleen Quinn, Cathrine Kyle, and Venus Mcflytrap find out their mothers used to be some of batman's worst enemies. They find their mothers' old costumes and ghoulify them. They set off on an adventuer bigger than their mothers had ever faced as supervillians:highschool. What monster drama will these new friends experience. Let's see.

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