Goldre is the son of Goldar. It's assumed he attends Spectral Central High, however it's possible that he graduated the previous year.


Physical Appearance

He shares the dark complexion and simion-like apperance of his father. He has shaggy drak hair, and white pupil-less eyes. His wings are retractable, but his tail is not.

Classical Monster

Goldar is a reaccuring villian from the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. he resembles a giant flying monkey in many aspects.




He has only been seen once, in the background of a fight between Tomo Stripe and Grave Robberson. Who's side he was on in the fight is unknown.




He alternates between hi skarate uniform, and a simple T-shirt under an overshirt with loose jeans. In his more normal clothes, he also has a set of sunglasses and a circular pendant. He does not wear shoes.


  • It's assumed Goldre attends Spectral Central High, a rival monster union high school
  • Currently Goldre is nothing but a background character and thus has little development.

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