Goblina Fright is the 17 year old daughter of the goblin. She has a strong love of Halloween, and in the saying trick or treat, don't expect a treat because this ghoul brings tricks. Goblina's aunt, uncle, and cousin live with her and her parents. Since her uncle is the boogiman, Goblina's family lives in the ultimate spook house! Don't let that spooky exterior scare you away, Goblina has a big heart and loves her friends and family. She's always willing to stand up for her cousin, Boogina, so I wouldn't mess with this frightful family. Here is her bio.

Name: Goblina Fright


Monster Parent: the goblins

Killer Style: my style's spooky with a hint of BOO and pink of course.

Freaky Flaw: my love of bringing fright to Monster High sometimes gets me in trouble. Sure, it's okay every once in a while, but sometimes even my beast friends get tired of me.

Favorite Color: pink

Favorite Food: chilly, I love to give monsters the chills!

Pet: Spooks, my goblin cat. He gives the mice quite a fright.

Favorite Activity: well you see I love to...BOO!

Pet Peeve: people who think it's "imature" to scare someone.

BFF's: Boogina and Carly Spellmasters

Favorite Subject: Drama, Mr.Where says my scaring is BOOtiful acting.

Least Favorite Subject: Gym, it's not that I don't love it, it's just nobody sneaks up on Coach Egor.

Apperance: Goblina has light pink skin and dark pink lipstick. Her hair is green with one pink streak near the front. Her eyeshadow is green and pink.


Basic: Goblina wears a pink shirt with a green goblin on the front. She wears a green skirt with a pink belt with a green G belt buckle. Her shoes are pink with a green belt buckle. Her hair is in a side pony tail pointing right.

Monster Prom: Goblina wears a pink dress decorated with metalic green skulletes. Her belt is green with a goblin belt buckle. Her shoes are knee high dark green boots. Her hair is short. Accesories include a green G shaped puse with a pink i coffin.


Goblina has a bright personality with a big heart. Even though her cousin could be annoying to her sometimes, she sticks up for her family. She seems to be a more experienced scarer than her cousin.

Classic Monster: Goblina is the daughter of a goblin, an ugly green creature said to use evil magic. Goblins are known for scaring people away from their homes and terrorizing people when let loose.

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