Gina Fall is daughter of the aliens of falling skies


Name: Gina Fall.


Parents:The aliens from falling skies.

Killer Style: I like rainbow and tie dye! I'm partly hippie like Venus and Betsy.

Freaky Flaw: Some times my movements can end by me invading the monster schools!

Favorite Color:Rainbow. The oppisite of my skin.

Favorite Food:?

Pet Peeve:People who make the world a toxic waste dump.

Favorite Activity: Anything.

Pet: Darwin, my kat. I found him wandering in space and grabbed him!

GFFs:Ula D, Venus, Betsy and Ivy.

Fav Subject: Every subject except some.

Least Fav Subject:Space. Been there, done that, made there sky fall.


She is sassy,stubborn, and ridiculous. She is mostly only nice to her friends, and she limits herself.


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