• Age: 17, days out of my lamp
  • Parent: A Genie
  • Killer Style: I like smoke and royal gold jewels,
  • Freaky Flaw: Should someone ever find my lamp in my very clever hiding place, I have to grant them three wishes. Also when I do they tend to go wrong since I'm still in training.
  • Favorite Food: I love spicy Indian Food.
  • Favorite Color: Royal Blue just like my smokey tail/feet.
  • Favorite Activity: I like exploring old ruins and plan on becoming an archeologist.
  • Pet: Glows is my pet glowing flamingo. Usually he just stands there looking handsome.
  • Biggest Pet Peeve: When people find my lamp and I'm bound to them by all powerful cosmic laws.
  • Favorite Subject: Archeology
  • Least Favorite Subject: Anything that restricts my creative mind
  • BFFs: Howleen Wolf
  • BFs: Gary Goyles, but the last time I dated I ended up in my lamp.


Gina had been trapped in her lamp for many centuries so after being released she's very cautious as to who she interacts with.


She arrives at Monster High with a whole a whole new group of students consisting of BoogeyJ, Grimz Reaper, Wicca Witch, Brian Corcillum, and Helga Hunch. She befriends Spectra Vondergeist and many other students. When The Masked Lantern, a member of Monster Hunters appears and begins attacking students, Gina is not attacked and works with others to uncover his true identity. After he captures all 32 of his tributes Gina manages to reveal his identity. He declares war on her using his JackBots to attack her and her army of animated gargoyles led by Gary Goyles, who she later falls in love with. The JackBots are defeated and The Masked Lantern destroys Gary. In her anger Gina unleashes a massive attack of magic. This leads Dr. Van Helscream to arrive with Ms. Crabgrass. They reveal thet they are the leaders of the Monster Hunters with The Masked Lantern being their top agent as well as Van Helscream's son. Just as Gina is on the brink of defeat The Masked Lantern changes sides and traps Van Helscream and Crabgrass in his Jack-O-Lanterns. He also sends his armor into one as well. Everyone is released and Gina attends a party in her honor.

She enters her Junior year in a rock-solid relationship with Gary Goyles. She does however have jelousy issues when Gary moves in with Rochelle who is not shy about her feelings for Gary. While Gary is completely in love with Gina, she turns Rochelle to stone. This causes Gary to begin thinking by himself and breaks up with Gina. She is sad but happy that he doesn't date Rochelle. She helps fight of Gillian's invasion.