• Age: 17... hours being active
  • Parent: Gina animated me but after the battle and nice gargoyle couple adopted me.
  • Killer Style: Clothes that don't make me looks so...cement.
  • Freaky Flaw: Sometimes I weather and leave a trail of tiny pebbles.
  • Favorite Food: I love trying all kinds of new food.
  • Favorite Activity: Taking my girl flying around town.
  • Pet: Corvo is my pet raven. When I was a statue he would perch on me every day.
  • Favorite Subject: All the new classes I take are so awesome.
  • Least Favorite Subject: dead languages. when a storm hits the school, it gets REALLY DARK and the ghoulfriends and monster boys play tag with me.     
  • Biggest Pet Peeve: When birds roost on me while I'm standing still.
  • BFFs: '''Slimen Ooze


Gary is very nice and athletic. He enjoys sports and spending time with friends.


Gary has dark grey skin with accents of black because he is made of stone. He has no hair and small wings that can grow when needed. He wears a white t-shirt with black sleeves and a Monster High logo on it. He has black shorts with dark pink accents and lack shoes with red accents.


Originally Gary was a gargoyle statue perched on the front of Monster High until The Masked Lantern attacked. Gina Djinn used her magic to animate him along with the other gargoyles and made him the leader. He was defeated by the Lantern himself which sent Gina into a magic rage. She managed to defeat him and along with other students they reanimated Gary and enrolled him in Monster High. He later attended the party in Gina's honor.

During his senior year he is constantly hit on by Rochelle Goyle. She fins him interesting since she is a purebreed and he's an animated Gargoyle. He doesn't care about her and is completely focused on serving Gina. However Gina is extremely jealous and even turns her into a stone. Gary then breaks up with Gina because of her jealousy but doesn't begin dating Rochelle. He helps fight of Gillian's invasion and then graduates. He stays at Monster High to be a loyal guardian.


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