Friends To Die For
Season 1, Episode 2
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Monster High: Eternal Goodbyes, Season 1, episode 2: BoogeyJ sets his sights on Wicca as his girlfriend while Gina finds a friend in an unusual place.


Gina floats frozen with terror over the bell ringing until Spectra floats by and drags her into a classroom. Luckily it was just the class she need. Spectra says she saw her schedule and couldn't stand to see her lost on her first day. Gina says thank you and takes her seat. The teacher says Spectra to get to her class before she gets into more trouble.

While sitting in the back of class BoogeyJ describes his many plans to get Wicca as his girlfriend while Grimz listens uninterested. Grimz flirts with Toralei and Operetta who seem unamused while BoogeyJ keeps talking. Grimz asks why BoogeyJ likes Wicca so much but he doesn't have a definite answer.

Lagoona walks up to Gil and asks why she found a college acceptance letter in his backpack. Gil then asks her why she was looking through his backpack and Lagoona can't answer. She says she's upset that he applied to a college down under to surprise her but she argues that she applied to a college on the surface to surprise him. Gil asks what's next but Lagoona just sighs.

Cleo runs into a bathroom crying while Clawdeen and Draculaura follow her. She says she's crying over Deuce refusing to got to MU with her. Draculaura tries to comfort her but Cleo just keeps crying. Clawdeen gets mad and starts yelling at Cleo saying that she should stop trying to control Deuce and to move on. Cleo says that Clawdeen's right but she didn't have to be so mean about it. Cleo runs out and Draculaura says Clawdeen should be nicer.

Howleen walks into her next class and takes a seat next to Gina. Gina introduces herself but Howleen just puts deadphones in her ears and starts listening to her iCoffin. Gina says that's not allowed so she grabs the deadphones just as a teacher walks in. She declares that Gina and Howleen both have detention after school for breaking rules. Gina is dumbfounded while Howleen seems unfazed.

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