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Freak to the Beat
Season Coffin Locked Season 1, Episode #5
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Freak to the Beat is the fifth webisode in the first season of Coffin Locked webisodes.


Lina decides to show her new-found talent of singing by entering Battle of the Bands with her band the Monster Mash!. But has her work paid off?


It starts with Lina getting prepared in her band practice. Alexis and Raina are also there, and they start to practice some music. Lina gets an idea, and brainstorms it with the others. They eventually agree to Lina's big idea - to enter Battle of the Bands!

Lina looks around the catacombs later to find a suitable stage, until she finds Operetta, who is prepared to help her, and lends her stage for the performance. All of Lina's friends turn up on the night, as several bands perform, including 'Black Magic Chicks' and 'Blood and Bones'. Eventually, it's time for Lina Greene and the Monster Mash to perform, as they perform 'Crush on the Music'.

They get outstanding praise, but it's time to unveil the winner. It is found out that it's a tie between all of the acts, and they all get a bit of the prize. Lina high-fives her bandmates, and her iCoffin goes off. It turns out that Breanna has got some more good news - the Fear Squad will be performing for the first time at the Casketball game!



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