April 8,1944-Nazi Abduction

My Human Parents are dead because of Hitler's plans of me moving a coin.I'm stuck being tortured by him and Klaus Schimdt.But Klaus looks similar to someone i know when i visisted the underworld once.Adolf is saying that this can create the new era of thew future.I don't believe him.

November 20,1962-Cuban Missle Crisis

It is time to show Humanity that Monsters and Mutants exist.Until i get my revenge for Mephistopheles,it's the time to show who's the best.When i tried blasting the ships with missles from killing us,Melinda tried shooting me but i deflect all bullets but one was deflected to Wade's spine.He was paralyzed but one time was able to walk.Today i don't form a team with him anymore.

January 12,2011-Wade's Funeral

Wade died from an explosion in a house.I was in the explosion but i survived.He wanted to sacrifice everything to me since i was his best friend.I should of told him i will miss you.But now it's a time to think what he did to us.Wade was a man with intelligence and honor.He would never look back on us.Wade Voorhees was my friend who saved me from drowning.Goodbye my old friend

August 7,2011-Battle of Monster High

Wade would never start this but i would.This battle contains us and the evil below us.It's impossible that we are going to lose.But this is for Wade.For Me and Him and what we did during the cuban missle crisis.Mephistopheles' son Blackheart has took his place and is leading the evil monsters.And we must fight for glory!

August 9-College Graduation

I graduated Monster College and i now have a job as a Mutant Scientist.Now i am 34 years old.My Human form was born in 1915 and my monster form was born in 1991.I am happy that i don't have school forever.My Parents and Human Parents would be proud of me.

August 10-Monster School Friends Reuntite

When i got out of the college i saw my friends i met in elementary school.Jason De Nile,the son of the mummy and anck su namun and Jason was Cleo's half sister.Burn Striker Wolf was the son of the Wolf Man and Gwen Conliffe and is Clawdeen's brother.Jason has a daughter named Callie and Burn has 2 daughters named Amy and Cassidy.I have 6 kids but One i had to kick out for rude attention.Draculucas,Anthony,Wade,Draculauren and Draculola with Franka are my kids.Draculilly is the one i kicked out.

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