Francine Harrington is the daughter of Frank the Rabbit from Donnie Darko.

Francine was created by JackandDannysGirl on deviantart.


Francine is very flirtatious and has no sense of personal boundaries. She enjoys getting up close and personal with mansters and sometimes ghouls (though it really depends on who the ghoul is). Francine has multiple physical relationships with many of the male students at Monster High. She refuses to actually any of them as she doesn’t want any emotional ties, only the physical perks. Her lack of wanting an emotional relationship probably stems from the fact that she grew up without a mother figure and has never seen her father in a loving relationship with her biological mother.

Though Francine sleeps around and is seen as being a whore, she stresses to others that she isn’t a “dumb slut”. She passes most of her classes and she always makes her partners use protection. She is even on the Track team which requires the students have passing grades in order to participate.

Francine doesn’t care what people think of her habits and likes to live in the moment. She doesn’t like dwelling on the past and doesn’t want to take time out of her life to regret things.

Physical Appearance

Francine has tan skin and a slim figure. She has red eyes that look bloodshot. She has long brown hair that is usually worn with bangs and in a ponytail. She always wears some sort of bunny ears on her head.

Monster Type

Francine is the daughter of Frank the Rabbit from the film Donnie Darko. Frank was a human being that turned into a being called a manipulated dead after being killed then sent back in time in order prevent the end of the world. Frank is always seen in a creepy gray rabbit costume.



  • Francine’s father is Frank. She currently lives with him.
  • Francine’s mother left Frank and Francine shortly after Francine was born and hasn’t been seen since. Francine’s mother is supposedly a ghost or some other sort of paranormal entity. Francine got her last name from her.

  • Franceska Rabbit (half sister from her father)
  • Francine gave birth to a baby boy in September 2013. Dominic Darko is the father. They made the decision to not keep the baby. The child is now living with his new adoptive family, as was their wish.


Friends with Benefits


  • Francine doesn’t like to form emotional bonds with any of her “boy toys” as she thinks it would force her to choose a favorite partner and she doesn’t want any of her mansters getting jealous of one another. However, she has been chasing after Dominic Darko, who refuses to sleep with her, and it is unknown if there are real feelings behind this or simply lust.
  • After finally forming a physical relationship with Dominic, Francine formed strong feelings for him. She wanted to mend her "whoreish" ways and wanted to try having a commited relationship with him. Dominic wasn't interested in a commited relationship and admitted to her that he had slept with someone else. Francine didn't take to kindly to that and grew upset with him. Shortly afterward Francine found out that she is pregnant with Dominic's child. She cares so strongly for Dominic that she refuses to force him to ruin his life by taking care of a baby and has told him that she wants none of his help in the matter.
  • During the second half of Francine's pregnancy Dominic told Francine that he wasn't going to stand by and do nothing, and he would help her out whether she wanted him to or not. She agreed and the two began to mend their relationship. They are currently in a romantic relationship.



Francine wears a gray furry tank top with a white fluffy collar that shows off her midriff. She wears a matching pair of gray furry booty shorts with a fuzzy belt and a fluffy rabbit tail attached to her shorts. She wears knee high gray boots with fur around the tops and fluff wristbands. Her hair is up in a ponytail and wears a gray headband with bunny ears attached to them.

Gloom Beach

Francine’s hair is braided down her back and she wears a white kerchief around her head with the end sticking up like bunny ears. She wears a stringy pink bikini with white straps. She wears wedge heel sandals with white fluffy straps. She wears pink sunglasses shaped like rabbit heads.

Dawn of the Dance

Francine wears her hair up in a curly ponytail. Her bangs and tips of her hair are dyed purple. She wears a red short dress with white fluffy trim and a fluffy rabbit tail. She wears red boots with white fluffy heels, pink fishnets, and a red garter on her leg. She wears red cuffs on her wrists and playboy bunny earrings. She wears a red headband with white bunny ears on it.


Francine’s pet is a female pink zombie poodle named Roberta. Francine saw the dog get run over by a car used time travel to bring the dog back, though the dog is now undead.


Francine’s Skullette is a skull with eyelashes, a fuzzy collar, and bunny ears.