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Season 1, Episode 15
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Monster High: Eternal Goodbyes, Season 1, Episode 15: Clawdeen and Nicolai hit multiple snags in their budding relationship and it's not all that was planned.


Clawdeen is talking to Frankie about Nicolai. Frankie asks if it's a really big deal that Toralei and Nicolai are cousins. Clawdeen says she doesn't know. Frankie says maybe she can get over it. Draculaura and Clawd are talking about Nicolai because they think Clawdeen likes him. Clawd says he has a secret. Draculaura asks what it is. Clawd says he heard Clawdeen has been lonely and mopey so he found Nicolai and hoped they fall for each other. Draculaura begins to say something but is interrupted by Clawdeen who storms out from around the corner. Clawd nervously says hi to her. Clawdeen says she she can't beleive he did that. Clawd says it was all for her but Clawdeen storms away.

Brain is talking to Jackson about Operetta. He says he doesn't want a relationship to be private. Jackson says if he really likes her then shouldn't just being together be important. Brian says maybe he's right and walks out to find Operetta.

Headmistress Bloodgood is showing Axel Venator the rooms of the school and points him to his little classroom. He says he's honored to be teaching and Monster and Normie relationship class here. Nefera walks by and Bloodgood says that as a Monster High alumni, Nefera will be helping him with anything he needs. Nefera is shocked and says what. Bloodgood says that if Nefera wants to keep prowling the halls she wil help him. Nefera is angry and walks away.

Nicolai walks up to Clawdeen and aks why she's been ignoring him. Clawdeen tells him the story about Clawd and asks why he would go along with it. Nicolai says he had nothing to do with it and that he really likes her. Clawdeen says she really likes him to and that it doesn't matter that his cousing is a "flee ridden furball with sharp claws and an even sharper tongue". Nicolai looks stunned and just smiles. He then asks her to the upcoming prom and Clawdeen gladly accepts.

Brian comes up and pulls Operetta into the catacombs. He tells her that he really likes her and just being together would be fine with him. Operetta smiles and says she'd love being with him. He then asks if they want to have a private date in the catacombs during prom. She happily says yes.

Nicolai and Clawdeen walk up to and visibly nervous Clawd. He says he's sorry for his plan. They just smile and hug him.


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