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Season 1, Episode 13
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Happy Howlidays (Chronolgically)

Monster High: Eternal Goodbyes, Season 1, episode 13: The werecat twins take a shot at the new devil boys but end up not getting what they thought they would.


The werecat twins sit down across from Dez & Stan and begin talking to them. The boys make rude comments to which the werecats get angry and storm out. The boys just laugh while the twins walk out broken hearted. Manny comes over at sits across from the boys. He compliments them on making the werecats cry. The boys defend themselves saying they were just flirting and making jokes. Manny says they pushed it to far and continues laughing.

Heath runs up to Holt and Deuce. He asks if they got everything to which they respond they did. Heath smiles and runs over to Gil and Moe. They say they got everything he wanted and they'll be in the courtyard in front of the school as the final bell rings for the day.

Dez and Stan are talking about how to make it up to the werecats. Dez suggest they simply go up and apologize to them. Stan says they need to do something extraordinary. They notice Toralei and run over to ask her. Toralei says the twins like singing and music. The twins say they have the perfect idea.

During the last class romantic music begins playing throug the school. Dez and Stan burst into the werecat's class and begin dancing. The boys do a grand finale and pose. The twins just start laughing and saying it was really sweet for them to do that. The Purrsephone hugs Dez and Meowlody hugs Stan. The bell rigns and everyone walks out.

In front of the school Heath begins cheeringa s everyone walks out. The other boys are in the background dancing or playing an instrument. Heath begins singing (badly) straight at Abbey. He says he'll only light up for Abbey and that he's sorry. Everyone says awe as Abbey runs up and hugs him.

Music begins playing and everyone starts dancing. The couples are focused on while they're dancing. It shows Clawdeens face because she's lonely. Draculaura runs over and takes her hand. She says Clawd's coming back soon and to cheer up. The two start dancing and smiling.


  • Beginning of relationship between Dez and Purrsephone.
  • Beginning of relationship between Stan and Meowlody.

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