Fire Pheonix (prounouced feo nix) is a very very hot-headed girl. She is a rude person at times, but she tries to be nice. She is a very very artistic girl. She is very good at melting things and makes sculptures of the things she melted. At the age of 16, people say she looks like she is 23 (that's because people think she is really pretty). Fire's real name Fire-Burnnette Volcan Pheonix. Her father is the manager of the iCoffin Co.... That is why Fire is very very rich (but not as rich as her father's boss)! Her older sister that is married is the wife of the creator of the Smartphone.


Fire has two forms: flaming bird form and flaming human form. Here is the details:


Fire's flaming bird form description is:

1. The height is as tall as a 7-foot person.

2. She is a yellow bird with a black beak a black spots speckled on her breast

3. Fire is cover in burning hot red flames all over

4. Her claws are black and her talons are very very sharp and are the color of the burning sun.


Fire mostly wears a red and orange shirt with spirals on it, she wears red pants, she also wears any black shoes, and her hair is black with orange and red high-lights. Her skin is the color of a burning yellow. Her eyes are greyish-blackish.



Fire lives with her dad and her step-mom (her parents are divorced). She lives in a really really really big fancy burnt-black house with her family. She alo has two step-brothers.


Fire's BFF is Abbey Bominable. It is surprising because Fire's element is Flames and Abbey's element is Ice. They became friends because they were willing to stand up for each others and be great friends.


Fire's boyfriend is Griff On. The cool part is that they both have different forms. They get along very very very well.

  • PET:

Fire owns a very rare fire-ant named Fireball. The rare part is that he lives for about 2 centuries. Also, because he has weird spirals on his abdomen.


The Phoneix is a bird that is covered in fire. It is one of the most popular fantasy monster ever known to man. Not much is known about the Phoneix, but everyone is very interested in the legend of the Phoneix.

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