"Muddy is my buddy." Fenora's tagline.

Fenora Swamp is the Daughter of the Ogres.


Fenora Swamp is an ogre girl who likes formal fashions and 'pretty' dresses. Her big problem is that she has a fascination-obsession with mud, or as she puts it - 'I crave the mud'. She is usually found with mud on her legs, arms and other places. However, personality-wise, she is generally a kind character. She can be quite brash when it comes to people who pester her lots, and can have a bit of a temper, but it tends to fade. She also ends up attacking someone accidentally with her floppy ears. Her big talent is cooking, and she caters for parties as a part-time job. Her other talent is textiles, and she sews outfits for other people. She speaks in a formal accent like Rarity from MLP:FIM.

Origin of Species

The most well-known ogre that Fenora would be based from would be Shrek and Fiona. As Fenora has floppy ears like them. Her formal dress sense for her basic outfit resembles the dress Fiona wears in Shrek 2.



Fenora's parents live in a swamp, presumably the one in the Shrek series. She, along with Breanna Beetlejuice, is a third-generation monster, so one of her parents could be one of Shrek's kids, Farkle, Fergus and Felicia.

Fenora has many siblings. Her formalities came to her because she was raised in Far Far Away.


Fenora is friends with lots of people. Her catering career makes her quite popular among monsters, though it's stated she likes to cook alone. Her best friends are Theo Exactly and Yolanda Jedi


She has a donkey named Mudbath.


Fenora is in an on-off relationship with Theo Exactly. At the moment, it's pretty much on.



Fenora wears a black waistcoat jacket over a white top with periwinkle lilac sleeves to the wrist. Her skirt is periwinkle too and has netting on the inside, and she wears periwinkle sandals. Her hair is wore down.

Drop Dead Disco

Fenora's outfit consists of a periwinkle no-sleeve dress with white lace where sleeves would be, and a lighter lilac belt with brown eyelets and black string going through it. Her shoes are periwinkle boots covered in mud, and her hair is down with the exception of a ponytail going from the front of a face (to make a faux-fringe) and along down beside her. It has a sole lilac streak.


  • "Who doesn't love a little too much frosting?"
  • "No, darling, I never said last season Garibaldi. I specifically asked for fall couture."
  • "Blood Velvet is the fan-favourite, darling, we MUST have them on the menu!"


  • The name Fenora Swamp derrives from 1. A variation of the name Fiona, and 2. The setting of a swamp where there is mud.
  • Fenora is one of the OCs of mine that I definitely know is a true monster. :D
  • She is covered in mud because I don't think she can clean them all off and it becomes a big job so she doesn't bother.