Felicia Tailian is the daughter of the Werecat and an older sibling of Kristen Tailian. Like Toralei, Purrsephone and Meowlody, she has cat-like features and traits.


Felicia is a hard-working and skillful edition to the Tailian family. She likes to think of herself as a high standard monster. She can be very picky and even sometimes rude. However, she's friendly and would never say anything that would hurt or upset someone

Physical Description

Felicia has light orange skin, with many spots dotted from her arms to her legs. Her hair is a dark chocolate colour and is curled midway down. She has a pear shaped body figure. Like the rest of her family, she has sharp claws that she files down regularly



Felicia has a family of 4 sisters and 5 brothers, plus 9 aunts and uncles (6 from her mother's side and 3 from her father's), 16 cousins and many nieces and nephews. She finds that visiting them all is too much hassle, so normally she stays at her boyfriend, Cole's, house


Her best (and most trustworthy) friend is Irene Pantopes. The two met in highschool and immediately clicked, as they would stand up for one another and visit eachother at slumber parties, birthday parties etc.


Felicia is currently dating Cole Asher; and hopes to eventually get engaged to him. The two share a close relationship; and sometimes Felicia will stay at his house for a couple of weeks if her family come to visit and there isn't enough room in the house.


Felicia currently has two jobs; one being at a small shop that sells some of her custom clothes and the other being at a local middle school as a Home Ick teaching assistant. She is even considering quitting her jobs and joining university; if she can get the money.

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