Felica is a sweet little lady. She is a shy social butterfly, if that makes any sense. She will open up to people if they are right in front of her, but she won't go up to a random stranger and open up her heart. She is a nice girl and is unwaveringly loyal to her friends.

Physical Description

She is pale and translucent. Her silvery white hair, with a single purple streak. Her eyes are milky and white, but have a tint of her blue eyes of old.



Her original family was Sally and Garret Jackson, until her untimely death. She was then found by her now loving parents, Fester and Dementia Fright. In reality, they love her and care for her more than her birth parents. She hates that in a way and almost loathes her birth parents.


Felica, in her own words, says," Friends are hard to find. Good friends are harder to find. I know why. The best are mine." She loves all of her friends, best and just friends. She would do anything for them and anything with it.


Felica has a relatively wide-know crush on her best friend, the dashing and debonair Jake S. Heels. He himself is unaware of this.