Farrah Bell's Diary


January 17,

I just made the scream team and I almost did scream when I found out. The coach said he never saw anyone with moves like mine especially for a fairy. I was a bit insulted and flattered at the same time. Just because I'm a fairy doesn't mean I can't kick butt at scream or any other sport. I really hope now that I'm on the team I can make friends.

January 20,

I just had my first major heart break. It all started when my boyfriend Danny. I was in love and he was really the only thing that I had. Anyways, I saw him and the new ghoul Olivia Pearl together and I hoped they were just friends but I wasn't so sure. I soon came out and we told him he had some explaining to do but he knew I caught him. I can't believe he cheated on me.

I ran out and into the bathroom and cried. I always come accross monsters as a mean ghoul but I don't mean to be. It's just I've always felt different and I want friends.

Olivia came and she looked just as heartbroken as I was. I realized I was a little mean to her before (it's a long story) so I apoligized. She apoligized to and told me that she would be my friend. We both quickly hugged and I knew I made my first friend.

January 21,

I sprained my wing in gym class so I guess I won't be flying for a while. The school nurse said to go home and rest it for a couple days.

After school Olivia came and introduced me to the rest of the gang. They all seem very nice and I made even more friends. Everyone brought a movie and a snack. We watched some tv, did some crafts, and made my favorite cupcakes. All of us had a blast and I'm actually glad I sprained my wing.

January 23,

My wing feels all better and I'm flying again. Plus, things are going much better than before. I made tons of friends thanks to my sprained wing and I met my best friend Olivia thanks to that jerk Danny.

I just got invited to my first sleepover. Draculaura said that her dad would be gone on a buisness trip for a week so she could host a sleepover. I can hardly wait.

I should start working on some new pajammas. I never cared about fashion and looks but my old ones don't fit me.

January 24,

Right now it's three thirty in the morning and everyone's asleep. I'm at Draculaura's sleepover and I can tell I'm not the only one who had a clawsome time. We did so many fun things that I can't name them all. I'm sorry this was short but I'm really tired and I need to get some sleep.

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