Fangaret Blood is a vampire who is dating Jade Shadows. He has no idea about her constant cheating on him. He dates Jade because he saw her crying once about how no likes her and that it's her fault. He decided to show her that someone out in the world likes her, but what he didn't know is that Jade faked this so Fangarret would date her. He later finds this out in the webisode The Secret's Out Jade and dumps her. Jade tells him that she was faking it at first, but that she actually fell in love with him. He forgives her, but stayes jusr friends with her. He later dates Gretta Luinsky when she finds out she's a vampire. Fangarret is caring and a good friend. Here is his bio.

Name: Fangarret Blood


Monster Parent: they're vampires, but you might not have heard of them.

Killer Style: I like wearing dark colors like crimson red and black, but I put them into a tuxedo style.

Freaky Flaw: Since I can turn into a bat, I have a history of eavsdroping on other monsters. I don't mean to invade their privacy, I just like seeing unkown information.

Favorite Color: crimson

Favorite Food: fruit punch

Pet: I have this rotwiler I named Fang because he's got these two teeth that stick out, kind of like a vampires.

Favorite Activity: solving mysteries, also eavsdroping if you want to put it like that.

Pet Peeve: when ever someone catches me while I'm spying on them. I understand why they get angry, I just don't like to get caught.

Favorite Subject: Drama, some plays have twisted endings.

Least Favorite Subject: Gym, only because on time Coach Egor passed me a casket ball and it bent my fangs.

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