Fable Page is a special type of human known as a Silvertongue.


Fable is very quiet and usually goes unnoticed. He has a great fear of his own powers and is always afraid that he'll end up hurtings omeone with them. This has lead him to being very closed off to people and reclusive, as well as filling him with much self doubt about his own worth.

Physical Appearance

Fable is human. He has a caucassion complexion, long red hair he keeps tied back, and deep green eyes.

Classical Monster

Silvertongues are a type of people from the Inkheart series. They have the abbility to bring to life the written word with only the power of their voice. The downside of this abbility though is that if they remove something from a story, something from our world close at hand must be "sucked" into the story.



Fable accidentally "Sent his parents away" with his abbility when he was younger so hee currently lives with a foster family. His foster sister is Fate Harbinger and the two seem close; whether she too is a foster child or it's her family he is staying with is unknown.


Fable tries not to really make friends out of fear of hurting then..


Fable has no real romantic interest, though the bond he shares with Fate seems as if it could be more than what it seems.



Fable wears a large gray sweater over a long tailed, green plaid button down shirt. He has a dark tie, pants and shoes. His hair is tied back in a loose ponytail with a green "ribbon", and he is often not seen without his messenger bag.


  • Fable attends the Day Shift at Monster High
  • Fable's design is loosely based upon Amy Pond from Dr Who
  • Fable nearly was a female character
  • Currently Fable is background character and thus has little development