"Why the hammer so hard? People are usually better than the hard." - Erika is confusing.

Erika Shriekiell is the daughter of the Mimir, and a Viking-age OC.


Erika is a traditional Viking girl who is strong, tough and a tad aggressive, though she also has a softer side which is to use her warrior skills to help the ghoulfriends. She is fond of learning about the past, though her Viking warrior style is not the best for Gym class, and she is noteably displeased with the fact that hammers aren't allowed in school. She does like to be kept agile and in as good a state as possible, but has a minimal temper, which can lead to her attacking someone, which leads to her getting Deathtension. However, Erika is a nice character overall.

Origin of Species:

Erika is the daughter of the Mimir, which is a Viking figure in Norse mythology. Mímir (Old Norse "The rememberer, the wise one") or Mim is a figure in Norse mythology renowned for his knowledge and wisdom who is beheaded during the Æsir-Vanir War.

However, most of Erika is inspired by traditional Viking behaviour, traits and style.



Erika's family aren't mentioned that much.


Erika is best friends with Sabrina Skellington and Fawn Furrilica.


Erika's pet is a leopard cub named Odin, after the ruler of Asgard.


Erika is thought to be looking, though she is more interested in a Viking boy than anyone else.



Erika wears her hair in a single plait, a brown top with darker decals, a blue neck-scarf, an orange and turquoise print skirt and brown cowboy boots with gold studs printed around an orange strip around them. Erika carries a rope/noose accessory.


  • "Don't call ME a loud Viking! I'd say I was very shy actually."
  • "Fine. I'll have the chocolate muffins."


  • Erika wears boots and a rope akin to cowboy style in her Basic look.
  • Erika is a bit like Abbey. She has a heavy Norwegian accent (did I spell that right?) because she's Norse.