Name: Emma Reaper

Neice of the grimm reaper

Age: 169 ( but im 16 in monster years).

Killer style: Cross tops are really cute for me, i also impress my uncle with it.

Freakly flaw: When a dog pees on my super cute outfit, its annoying to waste a find outfit like mine.

Favourite activity : shopping. I nearly spend 5 to 6 hours of shopping with my cousin, Grace.

Pet peeve: When people start talking to much. I think I should call them chatterboxes.

Favourite food : Ice cream, the vanillas good!

Pet: Sindy, my pet husky.

BFF: Grace reaper, of coarse shes my cousin!!

Favourite subject: Art.

Least Fav subject: Writing Questions, its too much work!

Fav colour: purple and silver.

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