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Ember Lucia Carver


NOTE: This diary is mainly based on the Monster High book series.

May 20, 2011

Well, I just arrived in Salem, Oregon to meet my first cousins, Melody and Candace. Mom got me this journal to keep records of my "new life in Salem". Daddy says that Melody is "finding her true self" in Salem, whatever that means. I think it's code for "the girl has a secret". She seems okay. Her sister Candace is hilarious.

Turns out I arrived just in time for the summer, so no school for me. I'm going to be pretty lonely cooped up in this cabin while Melody and Candace are away at school. When the fall comes, I'll be attending Merston High with my cousins. I'm going to be a sophomore. =) I just hope I won't entrance anyone while I'm in class!

Gotta go; Aunt Glory called me to dinner. Tacos = YUM. =D

~ Awesomesauce Ember =P

May 21, 2011

Saw on the news this morning that the world is possibly ending....? I hope not, but I'll be ready if it does. Do you think it's true? Hmm. It's Saturday, so Melody and Candace are free, and we made plans to go out for tacos. Never get tired of 'em. =) Candace doubts we'll even find a decent Mexican joint, so we made a bet: if the tacos are good, she owes me ten bucks. Calling the state BORE-egon. LOL!

So, I was checking out the house last night and I saw Aunt Glory's high school yearbook in the attic. (Don't ask how I got in there.) But get this - when I looked up her senior class, I noticed a pic of a girl named Marina Carver that looked a heck of a lot like her. Sherlock Homie is on the case....

I'll write again soon; going to get dressed for the day. Red and black lacy top + denim mini + black strappy wedges + smoky makeup = AWESOMESAUCE.

~ xoxo, Ember =P

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