Ember Carver



Monster Parent

Daughter of The Gypsy

Killer Style

Flashy patterns are a must: stripes are my fave! Black has gotta be included, whether it be red and black, pink and black, blue and black, black and white - everything works! Skirts, lacy tops, and scary cool shoes are killer. And smoky makeup: gotta dress to entrance!

Freaky Flaw

My powers are so strong I can't even tell when I'm lying!


Scar the fox. He's a baby, and he's SO cute! Even though he's a wild animal, I can train him - well.

Favorite Activity

Acting, for obvious reasons.

Pet Peeve

Innocent types. It's impossible to be TOTALLY clean!

Favorite Subjects

It's between creative writing and acting. Both my stories and my monologues are believable.

Least Favorite Subject

Any type of math. Our teacher announcing that there were no loopholes in the subject was a HUGE turnoff.

Favorite Colors, Food, and BFFs

Red and black, def. Fiery with a kick of mystery - just like moi.

Tacos. Spice and crunch is a killer combo!

My first cousin Melody, and Lala (Draculaura). We're the trio you want to be a part of. Enemies, you ask? CLEO DE NILE.

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Under Construction

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Brief Bio

Ember Lucia Carver is the daughter of The Gypsy, a clever, tricky woman known for tempting almost everything on Earth, and then having her way in the end. She is also the first cousin of Melody Carver, a seemingly normal girl, although it is hinted in the book series that she is a siren (a woman with a voice so intoxicating that she can get whatever she wants to do anything she wants). Sirens and gypsys are complete opposites in the monster world.

Ember is best friends with Melody and Lala (Draculaura), enemies with Cleo de Nile, and has a fiery personality and style.

Ember's celebrity look alike, Emma Watson. I do not own the image.


Ember is a bold girl who is not afraid to say what she wants. Wise beyond her years, she can trick anyone or anything into following her instructions. While she is clever in this way, Ember is also book smart and street smart. You may think she's a Mary-Sue, but that's not the case: her powers are so strong that she can even trick her conscience into sleep.

Aside from her cunning ways, Ember is funny and willing to stand up for what she believes in. Most people to surrender to her natural ingenious before she gives them the G.L.I.T.C.H. (Gypsy Look of Irrisistible and Towering, Controlling Havoc). Her fiery temper kicks in when she does not get her way, along with the G.L.I.T.C.H. She is a leader type, just like Cleo, so they always clash.

Although she is an extremely practiced liar, this makes it hard for her to be honest.

Physical Description

Ember has silky honey blonde/dirty blonde, curly-wavy hair, soft brown eyes, and other delicate features. She's the average height for her age. Most people would either describe her as "striking" or "pretty".

When she's giving someone the G.L.I.T.C.H., her eyes turn scarlet and she blacks out momentarily.