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Elizabeth is daughter of Yeti, and older sister of Abbey Bominable and Flaky Bominable.Younger sister of Sarah Bominable. She wears a hot pink dress, with blue and purple eye shadow and a belt that is purple with one pair of ice bracelets she wears on each side. Her first appearence was Thin Ice.
Elizabeth Bominable
Age 17
Monster Parent The yeti
Killer Style I like to wear my ice bracelets with my outfit.They work perfectly.
Freaky Flaw Some people find me to be cold like my sister Abbey
Pet A sabertooth tiger named Snowflake
Favorite Activity snowboarding Mostly.
Biggest Pet Peeve i do have one but i cant tell you.
Fav School Subject snowology i like to learn about snowflakes
Least Fav Subject daed languages
Favorite Color ice blue and hot pink
Favorite Food ice cream whith soda in it
BFFs i dont have freinds cause i dont want any
Dolldiaryicon i dont recamend reading it

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