Edward Wolf is the future son of Draculaura and Clawd Wolf, therefore he is a vampire-werewolf hybrid. He formerly went to Perpitch.


Edward is scary sweet, friendly, thoughtful, kind and very considerate, but he's very shy. He's incredably loyal to his only friend Urbi. Everyone else thinks he's a loser. He is very picky and fashion-forward when it comes to shopping and picking out clothes to wear. Once you get to know him, he's bubbly and just loves having a good time. He sometimes trys to make himself seem manly, but it usually comes out rather comically.

Physical Description

Edward has gold eyes, black hair with pink streaks, black wolf ears, a bushy black tail, pearly white fangs, and covered in a fine layer of black hair, but if you shaved him, it would revial pale white flesh. He usually wears a black polo lined with white and a skull necklace and white skinny jeans.




Draculaura is Edward's mother. They are very close, taking frequent shopping trips together.

Clawd Wolf

Clawd is Edward's dad. Clawd had tried once to get Edward into casketball or football, but neither worked.


Urbi Gorgon

Urbi is Edward's childhood friend. It is hinted a couple times that he has a crush on her.


Edward has never had a girlfriend, but it is rumored that he has a crush on Urbi Gorgon.

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