Edna 'Eddie' Mann is daughter of the enderman.Though enderman children arn't cut out for High School Alyssa101 thought of a special type of enderman that can't die from water nor too tall and when you stare at them they won't attack unless you attack first.


Killer Style:Preppy really it is nice and it makes me look different where I come from.

Freaky Flaw:I'm alergic to chlorain yeah I know.But at least I get to skip swimming!!

Pet:A mouse named Shadow he's real cute for a black mouse!!

Favourite Activity:Teleporting and hanging out with friends.

Biggest Pet Peeve:My nickname but oh well!

Fravourite School Subject:History of undead I like to hear undead stories!

Least Favourite School Subject:Clawculus numbers are pointless.

BFF's:Alison Creed and Wallace Two-Brains.

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