Ebony is a kind intelagint sweet girl but somtimes she is very outgoing and funny ,she also is always doing somthing and hates to just sit waching tv she loves to explore her new home in the woods


her mother is the witch of the south witch of the west's sister and her father is a regular warlock


she is single but has a gigantic crush on clawd wolf and she would die if anyone found out


she is friends with evryone but is bffs with spectra,scarlett swann and venus mcflytrap


she has a pet wolf named layla but takes care of all the animals in the forest that she lives in


basic;her hair down with purple skinney jeans with a green flowy shirt and black ballet flats

gloom beach;a neon yellow bikini with neon pink veison of lagonas shoes

deadtired;she weres green shortshorts with purple stripes and a green tank top with purple stipes as well and the signiture dead tired that light neon green with purple wedges and her hair in a ponytailsc


name ;ebony dewestington

parents;the wickof da north no not the west thats my aunt

age;well im 16 in monster yearz

killer style;hmmm i love neon colorz there sooo pretty i love to style my outfitz with some neon and i loe to swap clothes with howleen and venus mcflytrap

pet:my cute wolf named layla cleo helped me pick out the name it means night in egption

freaky flaw:hmm sometimes when i try to fix somthing with my magic wand it backfires and makes a bigger mess than what we started with

fav colorz;oh thatz esay neon colorzespecily neon green

fav school subject:haha mad science and spelling haha get it cuz imma witch haha

least fav school subject;gym and geogarphy

biggest pet peeve:when monsters make fun of me for being smart its not like i try to remember everything its my witch nature

fav activity;hmmm making people laugh and to have fun with my beasties

fav food;hmm eyeball cake i gess

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