Name: Dragalina Flame

Parents: the dragon and a normie

Age: 15

Killer Style: Scales, Fur, and Chinese prints. Since My Family is from China anything Chinese fits in. scales give me a natural look and fur gives me a chance to be different.

Freaky Flaw: Sometimes if I yell fire will come out of my mouth. I don’t mean to do it it’s just my nature

Favorite color: cherry red

Favorite food: Chinese noodles

Biggest pet peeve: My Parents say Me and My Sister too young to date It’s just annoying

Favorite activity: flying around and hanging out with my ghoul friends

Favorite school subject: dragonometry. It’s just my nature

Least favorite school subject: math. I swear if I do too much of it I’ll fall of a cliff

Pet: flama. She’s my dessert jackrabbit she’s so cute and fuzzy and is used to the heat

Family:li shang(dad),talia(normal mom), Inferno Flame (bro),Draga Flame(sis)

Friends: Draga Flame, Inferno Flame ,Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf, Draculaura, Toreli, Holt Hyde.

additional info: Her and her siblings can change into dragons and humans but as humans there skin color is kinda red