Mh base flat draculaura by wiccachick-d4c38vx

Draculucy's fan art.


Draculucy it's Draculaura's littler sister.alike her it's happy kind and friendly to the others and sometimes her personality it's like a little girl's one but sometimes she annoyed so fast when monsters say that she's a little Draculaura becuse the most part of her personality, clothing are almost the same and since she was little all the things that happened to Ula D happened to her. Alike her sister her friends are a werewolf and a Frankenstein daughter and doesn't drink blood.She is too little for Monster High but too smart for Jr.high so she started at monster high with her sisters and brothers.

Phisical description

Draculucy, alike her sister Draculaura has a valentine's day birthmark and pail skin, violet eyes and black hair with pink streaks. unlike Ula D she doesn't have pointy ears but she talk with a romanian accent so they understand perfectly.



in monster high Draculucy has many sisters and brothers but the most mentioned it's Draculaura her big sister that it's almost totally like her and her father Dracula but her brothers and other sisters are never mentioned.


in her bio says that her BBFs are Clawie Wolf who should be some Clawdeen's little sis and Friley or "Firghtly" Stein who should be Frankie's little sister.


Nothing it's known about.


her calssical clothes are very similar to her sister's clothes.The only things that are differnt are

  • her safe pin earrings have heart forms
  • her boots have pink and black laces and hearts
  • she has a little pink and black necklace with laces and hearts
CountLuxurious Sticker

Draculauy's bat Count Luxurious


Draculucy's pet it's little bat called Count Luxurious who's Count Fabulous's little brother and his little clothes are almost exactly the same exept he wears a black pink outfit.

Draculucy Skullette

Draculucy's Skullette


her Skullette it's exactly like Lala's one exept that it' has two pink and black puffy laces in a dark pink circle.

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