Draculauren Wolf

Valerie 266
: 19,999

Parents: Draculaura and Clawd Wolf

Killer style: My long-sleeved polo shirt, Shorts with hot pink leggings, and black and white striped pumps, Lime green purse with matching belt, and one yellow bow earring and on blue lightning bolt earring.

Freaky Flaw: Flaw? Who said I was flawed? I need names and a mirror- Quick!

Favorite Color: Hot pink and Lime green

Favorite Food: O negative

Pet Peeve: People who don’t obey me

Favorite Activity: Bossing around my servants

Pet: The one and only, Madame Gaga! She’s the cutest little Kitten I the world!

Bff’s:Vampira Vonblood. Favorite Subject: Drama Least Favorite Subject: Mad Science


Draculauren is a very greedy person who doesn’t think of anyone but herself. Instead of friends, she has servants, at both school and home. At school she has a crew of zombies that serve her, and at home her mother (Draculaura) hired a butler. Her parents have spoiled her, and they are not very proud. She also is a know-it-all, and Demands to be referred to as Your Highness ( see why in history page ). She loves to get in other people’s business and correct people when they are wrong. Physical Description Draculauren has pale pinkish-whitish skin, A pink heart tattoo/birthmark, Dark black short hair with pink streaks, light brown eyebrows, and is taller than most girls which is weird because her mother is short and her father is tall. History •One day when she was looking in the storage room for her heart pendant she came across a genuine leather book scripted in gold ink. She took this to her room and skimmed it. She found this shocking sentence, “ The royal family of Fangs.” That was her mother’s last name! She has never mentioned the to anybody but her BFF, Vampira Vonblood. Relationships Family Her mother is Draculaura Fangs and Her father is Clawd Wolf. In a book, she discovers that her family is royal. Friends She is friends with Vampira Vonblood. Romance She is crushing on Scareld Vonblood, though she would never tell Vampira that. &nbsp